Back 4 Blood: New DLC Children of the Worm will be released tomorrow

Back 4 Blood: Second expansion The Children of Worm has a release date (1)

Zombie shredder Back 4 Blood is celebrating its first birthday this October. This spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead received mixed reviews upon release, but the developers didn’t give up and continued to release new updates and already the first of three major expansions. The second expansion entitled “Children of the Worm” will be released tomorrow, August 30, 2022.

Children of the Worm in the launch trailer

Among other things, the DLC adds the fifth act to the game’s story campaign, which is divided into six chapters. Also coming with “Prophet” is a completely new playable character that players can use to neutralize the hordes of zombies. There are also some new weapons that help, such as a bear trap and a new sniper rifle. But not only the zombie hunters are upgrading significantly, but also new adversaries will stand in your way.

As the name “Children of the Worm” already suggests, the new enemy types are cultists who fight on the side of the zombies. Since these are real people, they will of course come up against you with real weapons. To give you a foretaste of all the new features, the developers recently released a launch trailer for Children of the Worm. Above all, the quite interesting-looking towns from the fifth story act provide for anticipation here.

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