Blizzard: WoW team must serve as a role model in terms of communication

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“You think you do, but you don’t!” Many years of WoW development can be summarized under this legendary phrase, once uttered by J. Allen Brack regarding WoW Classic. For a long, long time, Blizzard felt like they knew everything better than the players anyway. Therefore, from the developer’s point of view, communicating or asking for feedback was a useless endeavor. The players should just play and then they would see that everything is perfect.

In the early days of WoW, that may have been the right approach. But that gradually changed. By now, players probably know the world of Azeroth better than all the developers put together and player behavior has also changed dramatically. Mechanics and features that used to work well no longer pull a player out from behind the oven. For many years, however, the developers continued to insist that they knew better and stubbornly did “their thing”. Sometimes with success, like with mythical plus dungeons or world quests in Legion, sometimes with little success, like with Azerite armor or the “meaningful choices” of the pacts. However, this attitude has now changed drastically.