Dark Fantasy Action Soulstice: Playable Demo on Steam

Dark Fantasy Action Soulstice: Playable Demo on Steam

from Michael Miskulin
Soulstice, the dark action hack and slay inspired by Devil May Cry, has received a playable demo that you can download now from the official Steam site.

The upcoming Soulstice is a dark fantasy action title from Reply Game Studio and Publisher Modus Games, in which mysterious heroines wield large swords and huge shoulder pads and slice away horrid monsters. With the game launching soon on September 20th, 2022, the developers have released a playable demo that is available now on Steam.

Soulstice: Action like Devil May Cry

With Soulstice, the Italian Reply Game Studios are responsible for an exaggerated and styled hack & slay that is obviously based on titles like Devil May Cry. The Holy Kingdom is threatened: powerful evil creatures, the “Wraiths”, penetrate the veil of reality and threaten to devour the living, possessing their victims and turning them into unruly monsters. Only the “Chimeras”, hybrid warriors from the fusion of two souls, can oppose them and protect humanity. The player now takes on the role of Briar and Lute, two sisters reincarnated as Chimera. The transformation granted Briar superhuman strength and resilience, while Lute took the form of a spirit with mystical abilities.

Soulstice: Stylish battle plate à la Devil May Cry

The player must be in Soulstice So explore a dark fantasy world and master the combat system in many combat encounters. Then it’s a matter of mastering close combat with Briar in order to be able to use ranged combat with Lute at the same time. Weapons can be unlocked and upgraded, and even swapped out for more damage during difficult combos. You can now try the combat gameplay with the new demo you Download here on the Steam page be able.

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