Diablo 3 Season 27: Three easy achievements with which you solve the season journey

Diablo 3 boss mode season 27

Season 27 is running in Diablo 3. For the season journey you should successfully complete 3 achievements. We’ll show you which ones are easy to solve.

What’s going on in Diablo 3? Season 27 in Diablo 3 started on August 26th. Many players are now gradually solving the individual chapters of the season’s journey. This journey is optional and rewards you with a new companion, the Corvus Corpus, among other things.

There are a few achievements to choose from, three of which you should solve. We will help you here in the guide.

1. Boss mode

What is the task? “Kill the listed bosses on Torment X difficulty or higher with a maxed-out character within 20 minutes of starting a game.”

Bossmode done in Season 27

How does it work? You can do this task solo or with 2 to 4 players. The more players, the easier the task becomes. You have a list of bosses that must be completed by all players in the party.

Time starts running as soon as you start the game. That’s why it’s important to be well prepared. With the right tactics combined with a speed build, this achievement is easy to complete.

In our guide for the boss mode in Diablo 3 we show you exactly how to solve the achievement.

2. Greed

What is the task? You should collect 50 million gold in one streak. But you can’t be in the realm of treasures for that.

Diablo 3 greed season 27
Greed in Season 27 of Diablo 3

How does it work? There are several ways to complete the achievement. The easiest and most reliable way to do this is to use the gem “Gift of the Collector (via blizzard.com)” uses. It has a 100% chance, at max level, to trigger a gold explosion on killing an enemy. To do this, the movement speed after collecting gold is increased.

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Equip the gem and open with the Beef Bardike (via blizzard.com) the cow level. Then all you have to do is run through the rift and shred opponents with a solid build (preferably without dying so that the streak doesn’t break off). If you then collect the gold yourself or through your companion, you can easily get 50 million gold. Make sure you keep moving and collect gold from time to time.

Diablo 3 Greed Cow Level Gold
That’s how easy it is to get the gold streak in the cow level

If you don’t have cattle bardike, you level up the “Gift of the Collector” stone and can also find enough enemies in Act 1 at the Fields of Misery that trigger explosions and drop enough gold. This might take a few tries and needs some practice.

3. Otherwise it would be too easy

What is the task? This achievement requires you to complete a level 45 Greater Rift without wearing a single set piece.

Diablo 3 Otherwise it would be too easy Season 27
Otherwise it would be too easy in Season 27

How does it work? It is important here that the achievement is explicitly referred to as “set items”. So you can’t wear a single green piece. So focus on Legendary Items and try to build a potent build with them.

What might sound difficult for beginners at first glance is easy to handle at second glance. In our Tier List for Season 27 in Diablo 3, we show you some builds that are abbreviated to “LoD”. These builds rely on not using any set items (sometimes they use a part of a set and you just have to replace that). If you play a build with green items, you can use them to farm together the corresponding legendary items.

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Example: Anyone traveling with a whirlwind barbarian using the wasteland set in Season 27 can use it to farm the items for the LoD HotA build. When the HotA build is complete, swap out gear and then do the 45 Rift.

With these three achievements, you should easily complete the “Flawless Victory” task of Season 27’s Season Journey.

Write us here on MeinMMO in the comments which achievements you have completed and whether you have any further tips in store.