Dredge: Evil lurks in the depths in this picture-perfect fishing game

Dredge: This fishing game isn't as idyllic as it first seems


Dredge: This fishing game isn’t as idyllic as it first seems

“Oh, that’s schööööööön”. That or something like that was my first reaction when I saw the trailer dredges which was recently announced by Team 17 and Black Salt Games. Because the look of the game seems to have sprung directly from a picture book. Picturesque sunsets, a cuddly fishing cutter and the entire comic look of the game appeal to me and I already feel like sailing out to sea.

And that is also the task in the adventure, because as fishermen we have to bring as many finned animals ashore as possible and use a trawl net, among other things, for this. The trailer also indicates that we can also deploy buoys in the water. The caught fish can then be sold on land, which in turn gives us money that we can use to upgrade our cutter. So it all sounds like a solid mechanic to think about in this 20 minute gameplay video get a few more impressions. But this idyll is also deceptive.

Not idyllic

On the other hand, it is also clear that Dredge is obviously a sly old man. Because as idyllic as the look of the game might have us believe, it doesn’t always seem to be. As can also be seen from the trailer, there are various dangers lurking in the depths of the sea, such as storms or an octopus that is threateningly stalking our fishing cutter under the water surface.

This gives these scenes from Dredge an almost Sunless Sea-like horror twist, which only increased my curiosity about the title. Because the contrast indicated here between idyllic fishing, smaller management elements and gripping struggle for survival already promises an exciting mixture

Dredge doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but it does have a rough timeframe. In the coming year, so 2023, the game is to be released for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch and the PC. In any case, I’ve already put the title on my “reserve” list.

How do you like the trailer for Dredge?