Fight at gamescom: Ban on dancing against Orangemorange & Scurrows

gamescom: Tanzverbot gegen Orangemorange und Scurrows

after the gamescom had to be canceled in physical form in 2020 and 2021 due to Corona, the games fair returned to the exhibition halls of the Rhine metropolis at the end of August.

But while hundreds of thousands of participants gathered on the gamescom site to play the latest games, a violent one overshadowed Dispute between Twitch streamers the event.

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gamescom: Violent dispute between Twitch streamers

What happened? On Thursday, August 26, 2022, the Twitch streamers met outside the large exhibition halls Dancer ban, orange orange and scrolls on each other.

Ban on dancing is said to have been heavily criticizing the two casino streamers for weeks because of their deals with online casinos. For example, Orangemorange and Scurrows are paid by online casinos to gamble in their live streams on their respective platforms.

The critic, which doesn’t just come from the ban on dancingincludes the argument that the mainly underage target group is driven into gambling addiction by such streams.

Tanzban has already criticized the Twitch star in the past MontanaBlack, which also offered casino streams. In the meantime, however, the 34-year-old has distanced himself from such streams.

At gamescom there was finally a meeting between the prohibition on dancing and the two casino streamers.

This began with a short but violent battle of words, in which Kilian Heinrich, as Tanzverbot is called by his real name, once again criticized Orangemorange and Scurrows. Tanzban also writes on Twitter that Scurrows is said to have had a “big face” while he was in the argument hiding behind his MMA fighter friends.

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Ban on dancing against Orangemorange and Scurrows

Apparently insults followed before both parties attacked each other. You can watch the corresponding video on Twitter here:

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After Tanzban shoved Orangemorange on the right, Scurrows and Orangemorange go for the Twitch streamer. First, Orangemorange throws a plastic cup in the direction of Tanzverbot, but it doesn’t hit him, but rather Tanzban’s companion.

In the clip you can see how the streamer quiteLola touches his head shortly after the action. Apparently not because of the cup, but because of Orangemorange’s arm. However, this was a mistake, like this one in his Statement on Twitter explained:

“The assertion that an uninvolved woman was injured by the cup thrown or even by a punch is false. The only thing that’s true is that I caught the woman with my arm on her shoulder during the scramble or my punch, which went nowhere, but without injuring her.

quiteLola himself took the floor on Twitter that same evening and explained that that she is fine so far.

In the meantime, all three streamers have spoken out on Twitter about the incident and each justified their actions. Different things are being accused of each other. Among other things, Orangemorange is said to have been spat on by Tanzsverbot. However, it is unclear whether this was actually done intentionally or in anger.

Another video shows how Tanzverbot still cannot be calmed down after the incident and in his anger even pushes Lola, who was only trying to calm him down (obviously accidentally), to the ground.