Former Payday developer is working on a new co-op FPS

Former Payday developer is working on a new co-op FPS

Game designer Ulf Andersson was instrumental in the development of Payday and its successors. For the planned for 2023 and possibly developed in the Unreal Engine 5 pay day 3 However, the Starbreeze studio has to do without Andersson – after all, he had his very own company name some time ago 10 Chambers founded.

There they developed the last Co-op horror shooter GTFO, which surprisingly left Early Access at the end of last year as part of the Game Awards and for which you can read our preview here. Of course, the 10 Chambers team isn’t twiddling their thumbs, they’re already at it next project done.

A techno-thriller with robberies: The new project from 10 Chambers

CEO Andersson revealed this in an interview with NME. With the next game, the designer apparently wants to return to his roots and complete a task that has been incomplete for him so far. pay day feel like one to him “unclosed chapter”which is why it thematically back to robberies goes:

“To me, this game is just a game that needs to be made. It’s sort of gotten back to heists – so it’s a co-op FPS with heists and it’s got a kind of techno-thriller theme. I have a lot of sci-fi Read books so imagine all that cyberpunk took inspiration from and a bunch of other stuff.”

In doing so, Andersson also differences on his previous work, especially compared to Payday: “This one isn’t going to be constant shooting around. Payday had a huge problem with the action ramping up and then just staying up.” So his next project should apparently also offer rest periods in which you can put the gun down.

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Once again awaits you at the still nameless game First person shooter, where you can let it rip together with friends. As Andersson revealed, you want that too difficulty level scale back a bit, which probably went too far in GTFO for some: “You can sneak around for an hour and then just die, right? This hardcore stuff won’t have it. It’s mechanically smoother or easier to play, you might say.”