Fraud: letters from a supposed law firm in circulation

Fraud: letters from a supposed law firm in circulation

Fraudsters are currently pretending to be employees of a lottery company: WestLotto helps you to recognize such dunning letters.

Again and again, scammers pretend to be employees of a lottery company: There are currently more and more dunning letters from various alleged law firms in circulation. WestLotto helps you to recognize such letters.

False reminder letters

They look deceptively real: For example, in a letter from an alleged Hamburg law firm, the recipients are asked to transfer payments by direct debit to the non-existent “Euro Lotto Zentrale Euro Jackpot GmbH”. Those affected are said to have registered by telephone for a “Euro Lotto Central Euro Jackpot-6/49” service contract. A letter of termination with a SEPA direct debit mandate is attached to the false reminder letter, which can only be submitted via QR code.

Don’t let yourself be pressured

WestLotto advises not to respond to these reminders, never to provide any personal information and never to disclose sensitive information such as bank details. Instead, the police should be called immediately.

Fraudsters repeatedly pretend to be employees of lottery companies, not only by post but also in e-mails. Affected persons should not allow themselves to be put under any pressure. Reputable state companies such as WestLotto, for example, never ask for any sums of money so that the winnings are paid out. This is also a popular scam used by criminals.

customer service

If you are unsure whether the letter you have in hand is genuine, contact your nearest WestLotto retail location or call WestLotto Customer Service at 0-800-401-4040. We do not leave you alone.

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