Free games in September 2022 – These hits for PS4 and PS5 would be awesome?

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Of: Peer Smith

August is almost over and the new PS Plus free games will soon be coming in September 2022. We are talking about real hits.

Hamburg – In a few days, Sony will announce the new free games for PS Plus in September 2022. There are no serious leaks yet as to which PS4 and PS5 games will be included in PS Plus Essential. Still, there are some hot contenders that are high on our list of possible titles for September.

name of the service PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly charges 8.99 euros
Offerer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
advantages 2 monthly Free games, access to PS4/5 online multiplayer, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, 100GB online storage
Active Memberships 48 million users (as of December 2021)

PS Plus September 2022 – The Last of US Part 2 for the PS4

We’ve got The Last of Us Part 2 on PS4 on our list, as the title was jettisoned from PlayStation Now following the PS Plus change in January and there has been a huge gap in this area ever since. If the game does come back, then it would definitely be awesome to see it in PS Plus’ September lineup.

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake is coming to Sony’s PS5 on September 2nd, 2022 © Twitter / PlayStationDE

With The Last of Us Part 1 coming to the PS5 as a remake on September 2nd, Sony may intend to make TLOU fans’ mouths water again for the new better version. Anyway, the timing is extremely good.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) coming to PS Plus in September?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is coming out in a few weeks and Vanguard’s Season 5 will be the last before the release of the new title. It would be a good move by Activision and Sony to remind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) to PlayStation players. Newcomers in particular could use the CoD: Modern Warfare story mode to continue playing directly with the subsequent storyline in CoD: Modern Warfare 2.

Three soldiers stand in front of the Modern Warfare 2 logo
With the start of Modern Warfare 2: Open Beta, it could make sense for Sony to include the predecessor CoD: Modern Warfare (2019) in the free offer. © Activision (montage)

With the start of the CoD: MW2 beta, September would then be all about the Activision series.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PS Plus in September 2022?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has recently been offered as part of several free game promotions on other platforms. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if she also made an appearance in the PS Plus September 2022 deal.

PS Plus September 2022 Free Games - The free games for PS4 and PS5 from Sony
PS Plus September 2022 Free Games – Sony hasn’t announced free PS4 and PS5 games yet © Sony

However, Mass Effect: Andromeda is also a title that is not yet included in the previous offer. So subscribers could also get this title from the series. So let’s be surprised. The official announcement for Sony PS4 and PS5 free games for September 2022 will be coming soon.