Game Veterans Podcast #283: Off-Topic 9/2022 – News

Game Veterans Podcast #283: Off-Topic 9/2022 - News


After the news from the industry, Heinrich and Jörg let the games be games and report what’s new in the world of series, films, music and books.

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This time it will take a while before we move to the off-topic departments, because last week was full of current reports with a retro reference. Jörg also reports on his Gamescom-Adventures and Heinrich from his spaceship wear with the youngest R type. A listener question later, we start with our cultural tips for September. Also included: fiery dragons, stressed chefs, tough Swedes, the Sandman and a surprisingly good prequel to the predator-Film.

Episode 35-2022 (#283) of the game veteran podcast with Heinrich Lenhardt and Jörg Langer has a running time of 1:43:44 hours.

0:00:15 News & small talk

  • 0:00:35 Gamescom returnee Jörg reports on his trade fair highlights.
  • 0:19:44 Mixed news: the PS5 will be more expensive, SpaceVenture and Return to Monkey Island appear in September Gobliiins 5 is on Kiiickstarter, the Embracer Group went shopping again, artists Oliver Frey died, that Mega Drive Mini 2 coming September 27, 2022.
  • 0:40:37 What was the last thing we played? Cursed to Golf and R Type Final 2.
  • 0:46:39 Andreas Wanda’s question about the day.

0:52:05 Game veterans off topic

  • 0:52:53 Jörg still has no idea about football, much to Heinrich’s chagrin. Drifting Joy-Cons don’t make the situation any better.
  • 0:57:15 series department: House of the Dragon, The Sandman, The Bear, Bosch Legacy.
  • 1:23:28 Book Department: Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell.
  • 1:25:06 Music section: Freedom and Evolution by Journey, Impera by Ghost.
  • 1:29:13 Film department: Appunti di un Venditore di Donne, Uncharted, Prey.
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1:41:17 Credits