German twitch streamer MontanaBlack is welcomed like a world star at gamescom, even xQc is amazed

German twitch streamer MontanaBlack is welcomed like a world star at gamescom, even xQc is amazed

Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris (34) is the German Twitch streamer with the most followers – that is obviously to be taken literally, because at gamescom he was literally followed by crowds. This has now even attracted international attention.

This gamescom appearance is about: gamescom 2022 took place in Cologne from August 24th to 28th. On Saturday, the penultimate day, the German Twitch star MontanaBlack also paid a visit to the fair.

Together with a friend, watch manufacturer Marc Gebauer, MontanaBlack streamed live from gamescom. For Monte it was the first gamescom since 2018. The plan was to just stroll through the fair and hold challenges and prize draws.

But a huge crowd quickly gathered behind MontanaBlack. The fans roared “Monte, Monte!” and followed the streamer. He was only able to move around the trade fair surrounded by a ring from the security he had brought with him and the trade fair security.

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You can watch the whole gamescom stream on MontanaBlack’s Twitch channel look at.

Another scene from gamescom also made headlines:

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MontanaBlack is internationally famous for its casino streams

This is how xQc became aware of MontanaBlack: Twitch star Félix “xQc” Lengyel (26) often scrolls through reddit for several hours in his videos and reacts to short videos.

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when he Subreddit r/LivestreamFail was traveling, he came across the now-deleted clip “Biggest German Streamer at Gamescom”. One of the largest streamers worldwide is xQc itself. With over 11 million followers, the “Juicer” is followed by more than twice as many people as MontanaBlack.

But with these pictures, even xQc could only jam. Given the crowd of people behind MontanaBlack, xQc couldn’t think of more than “Jeeeesus, what a guy”.

Monte is no stranger to xQc. Because MontanaBlack was incredibly successful with gambling streams for a while and was even number 2 worldwide on Twitch. In the meantime, however, he no longer shows gambling on Twitch for legal reasons.

The former Overwatch professional xQc is also gambling on Twitch and is also heavily criticized for it. He recognizes MontanaBlack as the “OG Gamble Guy”, i.e. the original gambler on Twitch.

These are the reactions: They are by no means only positive. On Twitter, some gamescom visitors report that they were pushed aside, pushed and insulted by the crowd of people around MontanaBlack (via Twitter).

Many don’t understand the excitement surrounding MontanaBlack and feel that gamescom should be more about games and less about individuals (via Twitter). The entire German Twitch community is even criticized on reddit (via reddit).

Others celebrated the performance. MontanaBlack was not at gamescom, but in the eyes of some, gamescom was “visiting Monte” (via Twitter).

Disclaimer: Webedia Gaming (GameStar, GamePro, MeinMMO) accompanies the games fair 2022 as the official media partner of gamescom.

Monte says this himself: When MontanaBlack entered gamescom, he already said it was already too much for him. Hardly anyone knows that they don’t like large crowds. The streamer added that they had to be careful not to drag too many people behind them.

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The masses were then also visibly uncomfortable for MontanaBlack. He also mentioned several times that if they stopped now they would be “lost” and asked them to go to a quiet area. That’s not how he imagined the whole thing.

His comment that the balaclava was the better method refers to an earlier gamescom appearance. At that time, the streamer wore a balaclava and moved almost unrecognized across the fair.

On Twitter, however, he thanked him for the “great stream” and said he had never experienced anything like it. That’s probably what some visitors to gamescom think too.

how do you see it? Were you at gamescom this weekend and saw MontanaBlack’s performance? Can you understand the personality cult surrounding streamers? Or do you think gamescom should be all about games? Please leave us a comment with your opinion.

If you missed MontanaBlack at gamescom, you can also catch him on public broadcast:

The German Twitch streamer MontanaBlack gives an honest interview on ZDF: “I’ve never been good at games.”