GOG is giving away another free game, but you have to hurry

Free - but only for a short time!  GOG.com gives you a free sci-fi horror game (1)

on GOG.com is waiting for another gaming gift on you. The download platform is giving away an additional full PC version as part of the current sale. This time you grab it Cyberpunk RPG platformer Dex out – and put it down in your account for free. Don’t waste your time though: Dex is only available for free on GOG.com until 3 p.m. today. In the 2D action game you explore a cyberpunk world where an influential organization wants you dead.

Dex for free on GOG

You can decide whether you Assassin, hacker or diplomat are on the move – or grab a pistol to make short work of your opponents. Inspired by Blade Runner and Neuromancer, the 2D action game is reminiscent of previous 2D platformers and action games, but combines them with elements of modern role-playing games. Dex comes with real-time combat, a mature storyline, and interactive dialogue. In 2013, the development of Dex was funded via Kickstarter.