Graphics cards: Starting in September, the prices will finally drop

Graphics cards: Starting in September, the prices will finally drop

Already two weeks ago we reported that finally one price cut for various graphics card models, including products from AMD and NVIDIA. While some graphics cards have become more affordable since then, an even heavier wave of price cuts seems to be upon us.

Like the trade magazine MyDrivers (via Wccftech) reports that graphics card manufacturers are dissatisfied with the current development of the market situation and want to get rid of the current stock components before the release of the new models. This is based on a report from Taiwan Economic Dailythe one re Price drop from September predicted.

Everything must go: Cheaper graphics cards before the new models go on sale?

In addition it says MyDrivers: “We’ve been hearing about price reductions of graphics cards for a long time, but many users are not yet aware of it. According to Taiwan Economic Daily, the main reason is that manufacturers are still discussing preferable measures with retailers. According to them, the industry sell-off is not like that successful as expected.”

“Graphics card makers will introduce a new wave of price cuts starting in September, particularly for NVIDIA and AMD products, and the price cuts will far outpace previous attempts, which may help ease the pressure on costs.” Anyone who has set their eyes on one of the currently available graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD should therefore exercise a little more patience.

Especially those who don’t necessarily want one of the newly released models could soon achieve decent bargains. In addition to the new graphics cards, which of course further reduce the price of the current ones, there are probably many manufacturers who are also affected by the uncomfortable market situation miners Blame that the supply is currently too proportionate with a wave of used graphics cards cheap prices flood.

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