Halo Infinite: Leaks show canceled content from campaign

Halo Infinite: Leaks show canceled content from campaign

Fans have discovered several pieces of content in Halo Infinite that have been dropped from developer 343 Industries’ shooter’s campaign.

It’s about two aspects that we’ve seen before in Halo Infinite and its predecessors.

Where have all the animals gone?

On the one hand, these are wild animals that could still be seen in the announcement trailer in 2018.

On the other hand, references to Prometheans have been found. Of these, there are basically ready-made models including animations and effects in the game files. But they don’t have textures and there’s also a lack of sounds.

More Halo Infinite news:

Since the Prometheans appeared in Halo 4 and Halo 5, many expected to see them in Halo Infinite as well.

The Crusher is one of the deleted animals. The Crusher’s armor makes it look like a creature the Exiles tamed to unleash on the Master Chief. You can see the crusher in the video below.

Evidence was also found of Crushers without armor, apparently roaming free in the wilderness and possibly reacting aggressively to the Master Chief and the Exiles.

It is not known whether these discoveries could play a role in future expansions for Halo Infinite.

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