LG Magnit: Micro-LED for the home

LG Magnit: Micro LED screen for home cinema

IFA 2022

LG is presenting a new large screen for home cinema at IFA 2022. LG Magnit offers micro-LEDs and 345 centimeters diagonally with 4K resolution.


LG Magnit: Micro LED screen for home cinema

A small (or rather large) foretaste of the IFA brings LG. The Koreans announce a micro-LED screen for home cinema. Here, the LEDs are so small that they no longer sit behind the screen as a source of light, but are themselves the individual, luminous pixels that make up the screen.

A 163-inch variant (over four meters diagonal) was introduced two years ago. This umbrella has established itself in the commercial sector such as hotels, boutiques and museums. Now LG has shrunk the image size. A model with a diagonal of 345 centimeters is coming onto the market. The image resolution includes UHD.

The image technology including black coating black booster has LG baptized “Magnite”. Popular streaming apps can be called up via the smart TV platform webOS 6.0 integrated into the screen. LG has not (yet) named a price. The highlight can be seen in Hall 18.


HDR giant

LG OLED83C27LA in review


This year, LG is adding a powerful shovel to the visual power. The 210 cm diagonal of the OLED83C27 offers gigantic goosebump experiences. The test!

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Volker Strassburg

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