Luxury apartment is social housing – MiiMii reveals more lies

YouTuber ApoRed and YouTuber MiiMii next to a sign that reads Social housing?

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Of: Niels Olesen

ApoRed always attaches great importance to its luxury goods in its videos. But YouTuber MiiMii is now revealing what’s really behind it. It is probably more appearance than reality.

Hamburg – ApoRed is known on YouTube for repeatedly presenting himself with luxury cars, popular designer clothes and swanky real estate. The videos from YouTuber MiiMii repeatedly show that Ahmad Nadim Ahadi, ApoRed’s real name, is lying. It turned out in a “MiiMii” video that ApoRed had filed for bankruptcy. In the latest video from MiiMii, the scandalous YouTuber’s real and anything but luxurious living situation is revealed.

Full name Ahmad Nadim Ahadi
Known as ApoRed
birthday March 12, 1994
Residence Hamburg, Germany
Followers on YouTube not publicly known
Followers on Instagram 1.4 million (as of February 2022)

ApoRed: YouTuber is now dependent on social housing?

This was revealed: The YouTuber ApoRed has often been criticized: mainly due to lies and sexual harassment, there was often trouble. YouTuber MiiMii has posted multiple videos exposing ApoRed’s lies and showing his true colors to the community. Only recently has it come to light that ApoRed has bankruptcy proceedings to deal with. In his last video, MiiMii leaked ApoRed’s bank statements.

ApoRed: Scandal YouTuber probably lives in social housing – new MiiMii video reveals © YouTube: MiiMii/ Instagram: apored/IMAGO/blickwinkel (Montage)

Does ApoRed live in social housing? Especially the emphasis on his new, luxurious apartment, which according to him nobody else can afford, was always important to ApoRed in his recent videos. YouTuber MiiMii has now released another video against ApoRed, showing ApoRed’s living situation.

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The YouTuber’s new apartment is probably social housing. If ApoRed is telling the truth about the size of the flat, the council flat is so large that at least four eligible applicants would need to live there. Low-income people can get a residence entitlement certificate, with which they can then move into cheap social housing – so it’s not about expensive luxury real estate.

You can watch the youtube video for yourself here:

Further allegations against the YouTuber: In the latest video from MiiMii, ApoRed’s supposedly dubious competition partners and companies are also scrutinized. It turns out that friends of ApoRed are among the managing directors of these companies. His Range Rover, which was always proudly presented, is probably currently in someone else’s garage without a license plate. ApoRed itself has not yet commented on the latest allegations.