MoMoCa 8/29/22: Dennis has plans – News

MoMoCa 8/29/22: Dennis has plans - News


In this MoMoCa, Dennis has a message to share. You also had a few interesting questions for us about Gamescom.

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The plans hinted at in the title don’t include his secret endeavors to spread veganism around the editorial office through mind-bending tofu fumes, or to replace the tiles in his house with the giant caps of his beloved homemade keyboards, but you’ll find out about that soon enough once you check in that MoMoCa takes to heart. Of course, Jörg, Hagen and Dennis also talk about the well-filled weekly schedule in the coming days and your numerous questions, which were still under the impression of the Gamescom 2022 stand.

The timecodes of this episode:

  • 00:30 Jörg, Hagen and Dennis welcome you and talk about the topic of the week.
  • 11:05 A hearty congratulations to all of you who diligently post news and other user content to Gamescom 22 contributed to GamersGlobal
  • 14:52 The Sunday question: What was your highlight among the new announcements of the GC22?
  • 21:18 The GG week in preview: Look forward to the latest edition of the Stallion Chroniclestesting too The Last of Us – Part 1 by Dennis and Gerda – A Flame in Winter from Christian Burchenpreviews too High on Life and Sonic Frontiers and last but not least the quarter hour to Immortal Empires-Beta of Total War – Warhammer 3for which Jörg arouses a little anticipation.
  • 36:19 The user questions opened Henman: What were our trade fair highlights and would we have liked to have stayed longer?
  • 39:55 Interesting how Hagen experienced his first trade fair as a press representative Danywilde
  • 45:58 Moe90 raises the question of Kölsch consumption and evening entertainment
  • 48:57 What three things would we say about the Gamescom22 change asks crizzo
  • 53:07 Maverick finally asks when the news medals will be available GC22 will come
  • 53:58 Thanks for listening and see you next time!
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