MontanaBlack has heart for cosplay, says there needs to be ‘more recognition’

MontanaBlack has heart for cosplay, says there needs to be 'more recognition'

Lots of hustle and bustle on the gamescom 2022: Many exhibitors spread over several halls, huge stages like the AMD or TikTok stage and merchandise stands as far as the eye can see. This and much more could be seen at this year’s gamescom.

And under? Many German YouTube stars and Twitch streamers who paid a visit to the convention.

Among other things, Marcel Eris alias MontanaBlack made sure with his appearance worrying stiras the corridors were practically bursting at the seams.

MontanaBlack has a heart for cosplay

But the controversial influencer also made a few annoyed words in the direction of pushing viewers on his tour much praise and encouragement spoken from the soul.

So she was allowed to cosplay community get positive feedback from him. He says enthusiastically during his live tour:

“This is cosplay, as I praise myself. Look how great that looks!”

During his visit he comes to the Cosplay Village where cosplayer artists gather to showcase their latest creations. Monte is convinced:

“I love people. I love people who do cosplay! They take their time, they work hard. And even if they just order a cosplay outfit from the internet, I think it’s cool.”

He goes on to say that “cosplay should get a lot more recognition across the gaming scene.”

However, he can’t help but crack a little joke:

“I especially like the streams where the women paint their breasts on Twitch and cosplay.”

But joking aside. That Cosplay much more recognition should get, we think so too. So here we have prepared a few articles for you to introduce you to the world of cosplay creation.

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Here you read 4 tips to start cosplaying. Also, we’ll give you a few Cosplay photography tips. And then we have a few more Tips from real professionals from the scene for you to get a better feel for the topic of cosplay and grow in the craft.

This is the built-in gaming hardware from MontanaBlack:

If you have any further requests or suggestions as to what we can cover for you in terms of cosplay, please write it in the comments below and we will take care of it!