MontanaBlack: “Just Chancellor of Twitch”

MontanaBlack in front of an audience at Gamescom 2022

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Of: Joost Rademacher

At Gamescom 2022, MontanaBlack caused quite a stir. Many fans celebrated the performance on Twitter, but for some the event was pure stress.

Cologne – Large trade fair events such as Gamescom are no longer only interesting because of the video games shown. The hoped-for appearances of big influencers in particular are an important reason for many fans to make their way to the exhibition halls. This year too, because shortly before Gamescom 2022, MontanaBlack announced its appearance at the fair. The streamer’s performance left a lasting mark, both for better and for worse.

MontanaBlack: Huge following at Gamescom 2022 makes for iconic moments

This happened: Just a few days earlier, MontanaBlack had publicly announced its presence at Gamescom 2022. But even then he said on Twitter: “Guess it will escalate slightly.” As it turned out, that was a gross, gross understatement. It was not uncommon for hundreds of fans to run after the Twitch streamer, and more than 20 security people had to protect him from the masses almost constantly. In the RL live stream and numerous mobile phone videos from Montes fans, it became clear: For his community, the appearance was the highlight of Gamescom.

Here’s how fans celebrate the performance: Arguably MontanaBlack’s most iconic moment at Gamescom 2022 came almost at the end of his attendance. Monte rode the escalator on the boulevard with his companions, and the crowd beneath him celebrated as if he were the streaming pope himself. On Twitter, some appropriately titled the moment: “Monte simply the Chancellor of Twitch.”

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Also in the comments below MontanaBlack’s Twitter posts at his Gamescom appearance, some of the fans are visibly impressed by the campaign. But a surprisingly large number of people are less euphoric about Monte’s influencer outing for the fair. In some cases, there is even harsh criticism of the streamer and its community.

MontanaBlack: Hard criticism against the streamer and his fans after the Gamescom appearance

“Traumatic Events” because of Monte: Wherever MontanaBlack went at Gamescom, his followers often left behind considerable chaos. Numerous young fans are said to have pushed bystanders aside, pushed into the stands and sometimes verbally insulted others. A description by GameGecki, who describes his experience with the fans of the streamer in detail, is particularly frightening. There is also talk of homophobic statements and other fisticuffs:

People are particularly harsh on the streamer’s fans, calling them “Swarm of 12 year old orcs(Twitter: mysuYin). Criticism of MontanaBlack itself is primarily aimed at the nature of his appearance. In the eyes of many, the streamer should have simply hosted a stand or its own event. But with his walk around the fair, Monte would have “created unnecessary stress and risk for all present” agrees Twitter user FreezleYT.

MontanaBlack: “Simply Chancellor of Twitch” – reactions to Gamescom visit © Twitch: MontanaBlack

MontanaBlack’s visit is far from the only controversy Gamescom 2022 has seen in relation to streamers and influencers. Casino streamer Scurrows has bullied at the TikTok booth and threatened smaller streamers, while a brawl between Ban on Dance and Orangemorange sparked horror. In any case, this year’s fair was not a good thing for the image of many German Twitch stars.

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