Netflix Ad-Based Subscription Price Leaked?

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Streaming with commercial breaks

The plans for a Netflix subscription with advertising breaks are progressing: Now the monthly price of the advertising subscription should be fixed.


Streaming for a fee and free of advertising: these advantages will soon be over for bargain hunters.
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The advertising-based subscription model of the popular streaming provider Netflix continues to take shape. In addition to the announcement of a cooperation with Microsoft, which in turn will be responsible for the provision of advertising, and rumors about a missing offline function in the new Netflix subscription, potential details on the pricing of the subscription are now leaking out.

As reported by the usually well-informed portal Bloomberg, the advertising subscription should cost between seven and nine US dollars – in the euro area these prices are usually taken without taking exchange rates into account. The new subscription model would cost around half of Netflix’s “Premium Plan”, which allows up to four devices to stream simultaneously in 4K quality for EUR 17.99 per month.

Again Bloomberg report goes on to say that around four minutes of advertising are to be played out per hour of streaming, citing sources close to the company. The individual segments should be played before and after episodes and would not interrupt the current program. In addition, smaller deals are to be threaded first so as not to overwhelm customers with advertising.

A final release date for Netflix’s advertising-based subscription model has not yet been set. A phased rollout of the new offering is planned, starting in the fourth quarter of 2022 in more than half a dozen markets, before the new Netflix subscription gets a full rollout early next year.

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