New Marvel Fantastic Four Movie: Meet the Director

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At least since the official presentation of the next MCU phases, it has been known that the Fantastic Four will definitely return to the cinemas. While some speculation is already circulating about the possible cast, there is now even a concrete one Note to the director for this Marvel project. It really isn’t an unknown.

This director should ensure the comeback of the Fantastic Four

According to an exclusive report by The Hollywood Reporter magazine, final talks are currently taking place Matt Shakman instead of. He should latest film adaptation of the Fantastic Four lead as a director. He definitely is no newbie in the field of superheroes, but is very familiar with the MCU. Among other things, he has already directed the Marvel series WandaVision. He also contributed game of Thrones such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia With. Therefore, he cannot be blamed for a lack of experience.

At the expense of Star Trek fans

However, this is good news for many Marvel fans at the same time bad news for all Trekkies. Actually, Matt Shakman was supposed to direct the next Star Trek movie to the big screen. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he had recently decided against this project and in favor of the film adaptation of Fantastic Four. Accordingly sees itself Paramount Pictures forced to do one new director for the new Star Trek adventure.

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