New scandal for Scurrows at Gamescom – bullies TikTok employees

Scurrows and Twitch logo in front of virtual slot machine

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After casino streamer Scurrows fought a ban on dancing at Gamescom 2022, there is now the next scandal surrounding the Twitch star.

Cologne – Twitch streamer Scurrows caused a great stir at Gamescom 2022 on Friday evening. Together with colleague Orangemorange, he fought with a ban on dancing and then caused a huge shitstorm on Twitter. Now Scurrows follows up and immediately causes the next scandal. At the trade fair, for example, he mobbed some employees from the TikTok stand and demanded the release of scandal influencer Andrew Tate.

Full name Theo Bottlander
Known as scrolls
Residence Madeira, Portugal
Followers on Twitch 187,370 followers
Followers on YouTube 208,000 followers

Scurrows makes a fool of himself at Gamescom 2022 – bullies TikTok employees

That happened: A video goes viral on Twitter showing Scurrows and some companions of the Twitch streamer. Scurrows walks confidently through the fair and looks for the TikTok stand. There he then campaigns for the unbanning of scandal influencer Andrew Tate. It’s the next scandal at Gamescom after Scurrows fought a ban on dancing. You can see the entire clip here:

So Scurrows wants to clarify something with TikTok because “a brother is going through hard times“. After he finds some employees of TikTok, he immediately puts his demand into the room: “I’m for Free Andrew Tate. I’m here to make sure he’s unbanned.

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The TikTok employees are surprised and block his request. Then Scurrows yells “Free Andrew Tate‘ about the fair.

Who is Andrew Tate anyway? The influencer became known mainly through clips on TikTok. Andrew Tate caused a stir and criticism, especially with misogynistic sayings. But he also criticized minorities and was eventually removed from the platform.

Next scandal for Scurrows at Gamescom 2022 – Mobs at TikTok employees. © Twitch/Scurrows (montage)

Scurrows causes the next shitstorm – Twitter chants “What a victim”

How are the reactions? The clip from the campaign already has around half a million views. Twitter user “_RB1N_” shared the clip, calling Scurrows a “unnecessary people‘ and writes ‘What a sacrifice“. Over 10,000 likes for this post speak to similar attitudes towards Scurrows.

Further comments note that himself “his sidekicks in the background ashamed of him‘ and wonder why Scurrows is so sure of himself. Other Twitter users suggest that StandartSkill organize a boxing match against Scurrows. The Internet would like to see that, according to a Twitter user. The next influencer boxing match has also already been announced: Universum Fight Night in September – all boxing matches for Fat Comedy vs. Bilal Gold