PlayStation 5: Two new improved models already on the market

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Two updated models of the PlayStation 5 have hit the market in Australia. They were registered in Japan a few months ago and have been waiting for sales to start ever since.

While this was still September 15th in Japan, the day on which the PlayStation 5 is supposed to “celebrate” its price increase, the improved versions have been available Down Under since last week. Press Start recently found this out in discussions with retailers and buyers who had already purchased the devices.

What has been improved on the new PS5 models?

The PS5 upgraded models are actually the CFI-1202B (digital) and CFI-1202A (disc version). Do you trust him? Declarations of the Australian newspaper, you can see the changes primarily in the weight of the consoles. These have become several hundred grams lighter, but what exactly would have changed as a result is not yet known.

As a result, the Digital Edition of the new models weighs a full 200 grams less than the previous model and is even half a kilo lighter when compared to the launch version of the PlayStation 5. A similar picture emerges for the disc version, which at 3.9 kilograms weighs 300 grams less than the 2021 model and even 600 grams less than its 2020 launch model.

New model with a new chip? – Release in this country still undetermined

The assumption has been around for some time that the new PS5 models could also have a fresh AMD chip installed. However, this should affect the efficiency with which the processor works, if at all, and not the performance of the console itself.

We will probably find out in the coming weeks at the latest whether this is already the case with the new PS5 models that have now reached the Australian market. It is also unclear when we will be able to buy the revised versions of the PlayStation 5. Meanwhile, Sony is already planning to hold a big showcase in September.

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