PlayStation 5: Will a new model solve the console shortage?

PlayStation 5: Will a new model solve the console shortage?

As it stands, works Sony not just one new pro controllerbut now has one new model of the PlayStation 5 published with only minor changes. We clarify where the new PS5 is already on the market and what has changed here!

New model of the PlayStation 5 already on the market in Australia?

Thanks to a screenshot from a Japanese retailer’s website, we know that a new PlayStation 5 is indeed on the way. The new model comes with the designation CFI-1200 and should at least in Japan September 15th launch.

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what itself Twitter user Gui in relation to the screenshot is quite understandable:

“PS5 (CFI-1200), a new model number, will be released on the same day as the price increase, so I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the reason for the price increase.

If it’s a minor change for mass production, do you think the shipment volume will increase over the new model?’

Like the Australian site press start reports that the new model is already in before the release in Japan Australia arrived.

Comparing the specifications of those recently purchased in Australia new models the Digital PS5 and the PlayStation 5 with drive with the copies of 2021 and the Launch console I noticed a small difference: The weight.

That’s the model CFI-1202A (the regular PS5 with disc drive) 300 grams lighter than last year’s model and even 600 grams lighter overall than the Launch console.

For the digital version CFI-1202B the difference to the previous model is 200 grams, to the launch console 500 grams.

This already suggests some changes to the built-in hardware, which will hopefully reflect the recent ones justify the price increase of the console.

Maybe the overhaul of the PS5 will even result in the better availability of the console, which is really difficult to get until today.

when that new model also in Europe is unfortunately still on the market not knownt. As soon as there is information about this, we will report PlayCentral about that!

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