RDNA 3: Navi 3X with 9 chiplets including 3D V-Cache allegedly in mass production [Gerücht]

Radeon RX 7000: Navi 31 GCD allegedly with 350 mm² [Gerücht]

from Maurice Riebling
According to a leaker, AMD has started mass production of a Navi 3X solution with 9 chiplets. Behind it could be Navi 32 with additional 3D V-Cache. A 13-chiplet variant is also in the works, although the development phase is still ongoing.

According to current rumours, the mass production of a Navi-3X solution with 9 chiplets is said to have started, while another variant with 13 chiplets is in development. Origin of the rumors is Twitter user Greymon55.

In several tweets, there are different bits of information about the upcoming GPU products from AMD from the Navi 3X squad based on RDNA 3. If you can believe this, the package with 9 chiplets could possibly have Navi 32 including additional 3D Hide V-Cache. At least that’s speculated 3DCenter.org. A GCD and four MCDs and cache chips each would mean a total of 9 chiplets.

Meanwhile, the 13-chiplet solution could hide a version of Navi 31 that has been expanded to include 3D V-Cache. That would at least be the logical conclusion according to the chiplet constellation. However, since such a graphics solution is still in development, it would be some time before Navi 31 catches up with the smaller Navi 32 in terms of this feature, which would seem a bit strange in the product portfolio.

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However, since AMD has already pursued a similar strategy with the CPUs and would thus close a gap in its own GPU line-up in a more sought-after price segment, such an approach would not necessarily be unworldly. As a further note, Twitter user Greymon55 also pointed out that AMD can now also use stacking of 3D V-Cache. From now on, this could be used with one or two layers in the CPU and GPUs, although a final product is not known to him.