Safety All Around 7 vs. Wild Season 2: What Happens In Case Of A Rescue?

7 vs. Wild Rettung im Notfall

The second season of 7 vs Wild has been an ongoing topic for weeks. Filming will start soon and many are looking forward to the project. There are some though critical voicesespecially since it is clear that this season is in the tropics takes place. How about them Candidate safety? Fritz Meinecke clarifies some questions in a Q&A.

7 vs. Wild: This is the security concept

The tropics are calling, the candidates are really looking forward to their adventure. But in addition to all the joy, there is at least some respect. crocodile attacksbites from poisonous animals, tsunamis; all of this could await the participants. What happens in an emergency?

Fritz Meinecke has already assured from the beginning that the coordination of a possible rescue top priority has in the planning. Depending on the location, a rescue from the air, on land or on water take place. Not every spot is accessible via all rescue routes, but in an emergency there is always a way to get to the patient. Other influencing factors are, for example, the time of day and the weather.

The rescue team consists of four persons: An EMT, an EMT, an EMT, and an Expedition Jungle Medic. The team is specially chosen so large that it could split up if it were to two emergencies at the same time come.

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In addition, each participant two first aid kits. One for minor injuries and one for “the shit is on the steam”. The content is adjusted compared to the first season so that all new contingencies covered are.

Everyone is responsible for themselves

It is also important that each participant responsible for itself. They accept this task voluntarily and are therefore also responsible for themselves. Before they are abandoned in the jungle, there will be one group briefing give. An expert becomes one lecture keep up with the most important information and warnings. After that, everyone has to decide for themselves how they deal with emergency situations.

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