Session: Skate Sim Played – The Better Skate 4?

Session: Skate Sim played - The skateboarding simulation in the Gamescom preview.  (5)

The remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3+4 was nipped in the bud when Activion-Blizzard closed down the responsible development studio Vicarious Visions. The new skate is still several months, if not years away – as indicated by an early alpha test version that landed online ahead of time. And Skater XL couldn’t really satisfy our hunger for a proper skating simulation either. In the genre, it currently looks clear.

Roller board fans get a silver lining with a session (buy now €39.99): Skate Sim. Crea-ture Studios’ debut product has matured in Early Access on Steam for the past three years. The official release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox is now scheduled for September 22, 2022. We found out what awaits you there during a final game date at Gamescom.

At the basic principle by session has of course not changed too much. You still get an absolute here Hardcore skateboarding simulation superior. The makers even boast that “the most realistic skateboard game ever” to have developed. This is mainly due to the controls: In the game you control your legs and their movements with the two sticks. For example one kick flip To land, pull back on the right stick to crouch, then flick the left stick forward to push yourself off the ground, and finally flick the right stick sideways again to spin the board in the air.

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The scheme is roughly known from EAs skate rowSession thinks the whole thing though one step further: If you switch from the normal Regular foot position to Goofy, the key assignment is also completely reversed. If you want to grind a rail, you have to use the right one angle drive up to them, enough speed bring it with you and actually land on it. There’s no button that magically hits the rail perfectly and then sticks to it like a magnet. By having all the skating mechanics physics based are, it will hit you right in the face as soon as you make even one mistake.

Session: Skate Sim played – The skateboarding simulation in the Gamescom preview. (5)

Source: crea-ture Studios

So at the beginning of the game you need a few hours to find your way around – especially now that crea-ture Studios has the Legacy Control have finally kicked. You now have to steer the board with the two triggers when driving. One There is no “simple” alternative for beginners more. So the motto is: take it or leave it!

Money makes the world go round

There are also a few other differences compared to our first preview almost three years ago: A lot has happened, especially in terms of long-term motivation. session has no point or rating system, no high scoresthat you can hunt. It’s mainly about finding your own style, doing crazy tricks on the asphalt and then thanks Ingame video editor to share with the whole world. Unfortunately, this gets a bit boring in the long run.

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Therefore, the creators now have a number of challenges and missions built into the game, for the fulfillment of which you get coal. You then invest them in the shop in over 800 items from 50 official brands, from the hoodie to the new deck. All changes to your board even have a direct impact on handling. If you install softer axles, for example, this affects the handling.

The game world can also be influenced. In addition to accessories, there are also in the shop objects and obstacles how table football or ramps to buy. You can then place them anywhere in the city. Alternatively, simply pick up environmental objects and then place them wherever suits you. You want a fence at the end of your stair railing to make the grind even more spectacular? No problem!