Statement by Orangemorange on the Gamescom scandal: “I’m not a woman beater”

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Of: Philip Hansen

German YouTube stars like Tanzverbot fought at Gamescom 2022. One participant thinks he is wrongly accused just because he is a bad casino streamer.

Cologne – Gamescom 2022 was the German gaming highlight this year. Numerous well-known YouTubers and Twitch greats like MontanaBlack were present. But for Orangemorange and Tanzban everything went very inglorious. A violent argument erupted, now overshadowing the event. There’s now the “first and last statement” from the scapegoated casino streamer. We show you the video and summarize the most important information.

Full name Kevin Bongers
Known as OrangeMorange
birthday June 10, 1993
Place of birth Bergisch Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia
Followers on Twitch 526,000 (as of June 2022)
Followers on YouTube 266,000 (as of June 2022)

Orangemorange cleans up with dance ban brawl: “I was just defending myself”

This overshadows Gamescom: Many visitors to the largest games fair in the world, the Cologne Gamescom, were happy to be able to be there live again after a 3-year break. But YouTube Germany was shaken because some streamers got into a real argument: A video on Twitter shows drinking vessels and spit flying through the air, women falling to the ground and emotions boiling over.

The following prominent names were involved in the Gamescom brawl or on site:

  • Ban on dancing – The streamer was at the center of the anger on Friday 08/26/2022. Because his companion was hit by a drinking vessel, Tanzverbot freaked out and couldn’t be stopped. According to witnesses, he aggressively attacked two casino streamers.
  • It should be noted that Tanzban has been at odds with casino streamers Scurrows and Orangemorange for a while. What is new, however, is that the altercation has now led to physical violence. As a consequence, ban on dancing was not allowed into the following Gamescom events.
  • Scurrows – The streamer, known and criticized for its casino promotions, only clashed verbally with a ban on dancing. The situation then escalated and he called for a ban on dancing to “come here”. In the meantime, Scurrows still has a Gamescom scandal under his belt, because he also harassed employees.
  • Orangemorange – The second casino streamer in the league is said to have started the attack against the ban on dancing. In the altercation, he allegedly threw a glass bottle and brutally hit Tanzbane’s companion, streamer Lola.
  • HerrNewstime – The self-proclaimed Klaus Kleber, i.e. news announcer, for the German YouTube scene is on the part of Tanzverbot. He, too, was close to the event and reported it himself.
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Scurrows, Tanzban and Orangemorange (from left to right) © DPA: Oliver Berg / Instagram: Tanzban & scurrows / Twitter: OrangeMorange

The allegations now weigh particularly heavily on Orangemorange’s shoulders. He is said to be a woman beater, to have thrown a glass bottle after a ban on dancing and also to have spit – spitting can also constitute a criminal offence. The scandal-stricken streamer has now released a statement.

Orangemorange feels like the main villain of “Twitter idiots” just because he’s an evil casino streamer

This is the “last statement”: On August 29, 2022, Orangemorange will publish its statement on the events at Gamescom on its YouTube channel. The video lasts almost 20 minutes and has already been viewed 50,000 times within a few hours – but there are only about 1,500 likes (as of 08/28/22, 2 p.m.).

In the video, Orangemorange takes a position on three “charges” – i.e. criticism of his behavior that is particularly often brought up. Also, he learned a lesson. We summarize the most important things for you on

Orangemorange wants to refute these rumours:

  • Did Orangemorange throw a glass bottle? No, the streamer rightly denies this rumor. Numerous videos show him throwing a plastic cup that is hardly full. But he also admits to throwing the cup himself.
  • Is Orangemorange a woman beater? According to his own statement, he is not a woman beater. He insists that he only acted in the affect and did not specifically attack Lola (the female companion of Tanzban). One acts in affect when one reacts thoughtlessly and only through reflexes.
Orangemorange in his statement on YouTube
Orangemorange on his statement on YouTube © Orangemorange on YouTube
  • In the video, Orangemorange also suggests that according to this logic, a ban on dancing is also a woman’s thug, since it also brought down a woman in a rage. However, no intention would be assumed to ban dancing, which Orangemorange considers to be unfair measuring with two standards.
  • Did orangemorange spit on dance ban? He doesn’t remember everything anymore, since he probably acted in emotion. So he’s not sure if he spat on Tanzban himself. However, he himself was seen with spit on his face, he quotes eyewitnesses as saying.
  • Is orange morange dishonorable? The allegation is that he did not apologize to the fallen Lola. However, according to Orangemorange, it was not possible to apologize directly because Tanzban rioted like the Hulk. But he kept asking if she was hurt.
  • Since the apology was not possible live, Orangemorange apologized directly and several times via Instagram, he says. In addition, security prohibited him from contacting the other side.
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You can check out Orangemorange’s full statement for yourself here:

This is how the casino streamer justifies his actions: Orangemorange says several times in the video that he just wanted to have a de-escalating effect. However, since Tanzban attacked like a wild berserker, he felt threatened. He apologizes for everything that happened in this “fight or flight” response. He is also grateful that people like Mr. Newstime intervened and prevented worse. He later accused HerrNewstime of being a liar who misrepresented the facts.

All in all, Orangemorange sees itself as a victim that, according to its own statement, “only defended itself”. In general, he would now be demonized just because he was a casino streamer. In the eyes of many viewers, that alone should be enough to simply label Orangemorange as the godless villain.