The Last of Us Part I: Naughty Dog offers extensive accessibility features

The Last of Us

September 2 will be released with The Last of Us Part I the remake of the first part of the acclaimed series by Naughty Dog for the PS5. It’s already about them third generation of consoles, for which the title is published. For the remake Almost the entire game was redeveloped, technically it should be at least on the level of the successor The Last of Us Part II move.

In order to make the game available to as many players as possible, a large number of Accessibility features added so that people with visual or hearing impairment and physical limitations can enjoy the experience. Also difficulty level and steering can be extensively customized.

The Last of Us Part I: Lots of accessibility features

In a post on the PlayStationBlog goes developer Naughty Dog closer to the Accessibility features in The Last of Us Part I. Basically, it is based on “The Last of Us Part II”, but also expands some of the possibilities offered there.

They should really be revolutionary audio descriptions for film sequences be. A narrator’s voice describes exactly what can be seen in the cutscenes, so that blind or visually impaired players can also follow the story. Various adjustments are also available to make what is happening on the screen clearer. That HUD can enlarged become, one magnifying glass zooms in on individual and there is a special mode in which the contrasts be highlighted.

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Also for deaf people offers Naughty Dog some options that make the game more accessible. This includes of course extensively customizable subtitlesbut also special HUD settings. So you can tones and their Sources display on the screen. By the haptic feedback of DualSense all subtitles should also be supported. So you can feel the intensity of spoken words.

people with physical limitations should also find out about the many Control Options be happy. sequences in which a button pressed repeatedly or held for a long time are unplayable for many people. Therefore, there is a possibility here to advance with a single keystroke. the steering can also complete freely adjusted the sticks can also be swapped around and even one-handed use is possible.

In the game there is also aim assists and the possibility to skip puzzles. Of the difficulty level can be customized so that truly any type of player can experience The Last of Us Part I.

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