The new VR generation is in the starting blocks – you should keep an eye on these 3 games

Zombies run through the snow

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New hope in VR heaven? We looked at three VR titles at Gamescom 2022. You should keep an eye on them.

Cologne – Virtual reality is becoming increasingly important in gaming. The new glasses PSVR 2 were only recently announced for PlayStation 5. There were also some VR games at Gamescom 2022 that were presented to the public. We took a look. You can remember these three games.

New VR titles from Vertigo Games – After the Fall brings zombie chops into the living room

After the Fall gets new content: The first game we looked at at Vertigo Games at Gamescom 2022 was After the Fall. This is a VR first-person shooter that’s all about one thing: crushing zombies. The game has been out for a while, but now there’s new content. In the preview we fought our way through snowy Los Angeles in a coop. Armed with an LMG, an automatic shotgun and a pistol, the hordes of zombies were going to get the better of them.

After the Fall, it’s zombies for good measure © Vertigo Games

After the first level we can say: It’s really fun. The motion controls feel precise, the setting looks awesome, and smashing zombies is always cool anyway. The whole thing also works in coop with up to four players and can be played comfortably in the living room at home if you have some free space available. The game is available for PlayStation VR, Steam VR, Viveport and MetaQuest and costs just under 40 euros.

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New VR titles from Vertigo Games – Hellsweeper VR takes practice

Hellsweeper VR relies on motor skills: The second game is also hot. Hellsweeper VR is all about showing the spawn of hell where the hammer hangs. In short, it’s all about battling and killing waves of demons. A wide arsenal of weapons and spells is available for this purpose. We weren’t able to test any weapons at Gamescom 2022, but ice and fire magic.

A monster from hell we shot at
Hellsweeper VR: Take on the hellish monsters with a large arsenal © Vertigo Games

This is triggered with different movements of the controller. The spells can then be combined from both hands into devastating magic attacks. The movement control also worked very well here, but we were slightly overwhelmed in terms of coordination. With a little practice, you can certainly unpack some cool moves in Hellsweeper VR. The game is slated for release on Steam VR in 2022. A price is not yet known.

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New VR titles from Vertigo Games – PathCraft for relaxed puzzle fun

Puzzle fun for a relaxed day: There was something quiet at the end. PatchCraft can be played both with and without a controller. If you leave out the controllers, the game works exclusively by tracking your hands. The game is about bringing the character to a destination. The figure itself always follows the same movement pattern and never stops walking. Our task is to build the way to the goal by moving building blocks.

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The character from PatchCraft walks its way
PathCraft convinces with a cute look and tricky puzzles © Vertigo Games

The cute look and the ingenious puzzles quickly convinced us in the preview. The version we played at Gamescom 2022 was not yet fully developed. Accordingly, there were still some problems with the motion detection. As soon as fine-tuning has been done here, the game has real potential. The game also includes a map editor. So the community can later show what they can do and design and exchange puzzles themselves. The release is planned for 2022. Platforms and price are not yet known.