Trymacs flashes goal celebrations – ecstasy at goal festival

Trymacs screams

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Of: Janik Boeck

Trymacs clinched an important win with his SSV Hardstuck over the weekend. The Twitch star went into ecstasy. He dropped the covers.

Hamburg – Trymacs is known for its enthusiasm for football. The twitch streamer shows up annually streaming FIFA. But he’s not above putting on his football boots himself. On the 5th matchday of district class B4 in Hamburg, he went back onto the pitch. When he scored, there was no stopping him. The shirt had to go.

SSV Hardstuck triumphs – Trymacs pulls blank on own goal

Against whom did SSV Hardstuck play: On the 5th day of the Hamburg district class B4, the opponent was SC Victoria 8 – better known as SSV Hardstuck – SV West-Eimsbüttel. The hobby kickers around Twitch streamer Trymacs did not have an easy task ahead of them, because Eimsbüttel had won the first two home games of the season. After SSV Hardstuck had won against Grün-Weiß Eimsbüttel on the 3rd match day, the district rivals should now be dealt with.

Trymacs: SSV Hardstuck gets away win – Streamer pulls blank © picture alliance/dpa | Manuel Blondeau/Aop.Press/YouTube: Trymacs

This is the gate of Trymacs: Nobody seems to have told SSV Hardstuck that Eimsbüttel has had a ball at their feet before. The Trymacs Bolzgang played well in the first half and took a 0:3 lead. In the second half it went on cheerfully. After a goal in the 58th minute, the streamers were motivated and increased to 1:5.

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Trymacs scored the fifth goal with a penalty kick. The Hamburg twitch giant took the penalty kick and confidently turned it into the bottom right corner. Then the euphoria was so great that he dropped his clothes to present his body in all its glory. A prankster who thinks of Peter Fox here: “Two tons of pure elegance.‘ The yellow card was awarded after the striptease.

SSV Hardstuck is working its way up – close together in mid-table

This is how the game went: After Trymacs’ goal, however, SSV Hardstuck eased off a bit. In the end they won 3:6 and thus secured 7th place in the table. After only five matchdays, however, everything is still possible for the amateur squad. Third place is only four points short of a game. But Trymacs isn’t the only one wowing fans. Over the weekend, the crowds watched MontanaBlack at Gamescom 2022.