Twitch: Kai Cenat storms into 2nd place among the streamers with the most subscribers

Twitch: Kai Cenat storms into 2nd place in the streamer list with the most subscribers (1)

from Sebastian Glanzer
Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has experienced what is arguably the fastest rise on Twitch in the last 30 days of any content creator before him. He is now the Twitch streamer with the second most subscribers on the live streaming platform.

Making a name for yourself as a streamer on the live streaming platform is not easy, even for established YouTubers and stars of the entertainment scene. YouTubers and Streamer Kai Cenat has achieved what all content creators on Twitch dream of in the past few weeks. Thanks to his community, he’s rocketed off Twitch, going from 13th to 2nd on the list of Twitch streamers with the most subscribers in the last 30 days.

The entertaining YouTuber now finds himself in good company as a streamer with well-known Twitch streamers such as xQc, Hasanabi and Nickmercs. He has achieved his success through his entertaining streams, but his generous fans were certainly also decisive for his rapid rise.

xQc further down on number 1 of Twitch subscriptions

Twitch: Kai Cenat storms into 2nd place in the streamer list with the most subscribers (1)


the Statistics of Twitch streamers with the most subscribers shows that xQc remains the number one Twitch streamer with the most subscribers with over 76,000 subs. This is where viewers most often leave their free Twitch Prime sub (over 32,000). That’s around 20,000 more than Kai Cenat, who owes his high number of subscribers to particularly generous viewers who gave away subscriptions to other viewers.

With over 20,000 subscriptions given away, he leads this category by a long way. In comparison, just under 2,600 subscriptions were given away in the xQc channel and just under 7,300 in Hasanabi, third place with the most active subscriptions. Kai Cenat’s placement shouldn’t take that away, although Twitch hasn’t paid any attention to his placement in the top 5 just yet.

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Asmongold criticizes Twitch for radio silence

Despite Kai Cenat’s performance, Twitch remained silent on the matter. Twitch streamer Asmongold saw this as an insult not only to Kai Cenat, but to the entire crew he works with Adin Ross and his OTK team member BruceDropEmOff had set up.