Valve’s old Steam app is about to be history – New version in beta

Valve's old Steam app is about to be history - New version in beta

Steam’s mobile app has been outdated for a long time. To smooth out the app a bit, Valve is currently testing a new version of the outdated Steam app.

2015 called…

Even though Valve has already started rolling out the new app version, not everyone can try it out just yet. With a closed beta, Valve tries to ensure that the app works from as many different devices as possible.

“We rebuilt the app on a new framework and modernized the design,” writes Valve in a short blog post on the Steam website. Valve comments somewhat self-deprecatingly: “2015 got in touch and wanted its app back.”

With the new app, it should still be possible “to browse the shop, receive Steam Guard codes and confirm trades.” The new version should contain a few more features. Here’s how you can take advantage of “QR code sign-in, smarter notifications, an improved library, and multiple accounts.”

According to Valve, the sooner there is feedback on the new app, the better. If you also want to be a beta tester, you should use the Guide from Valve to use.

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