7 vs. Wild Season 2: Sascha Huber trains with the Austrian army

Sascha Huber 7 vs. Wild Training Bundesheer

For the contestants of the second season 7 vs Wild it’s getting serious. The items have been handed in and filming will start soon. Everyone prepares differently for their time in the jungle. While Knossi a 24 hour stream organized, Sascha Huber sought special support. He trains with specialists from Austrian army.

7 vs. Wild: Sascha Huber is serious

While others do sports and acquire theoretical knowledge to get fit for the jungle, the Fitness YouTuber Sascha Huber very special support for his training. That Austrian Jagdkommando is a special unit of the army. They are mostly deployed abroad in war zones and fight against terrorism there.

Before Sascha can be taught the most important things in the shortest possible time, he still has to from boat to land come. As in the first season 7 vs. Wild, he is thrown off the boat with all his equipment and has to go ashore swim.

With his first expert he goes the basics and first preparations that are due when he arrives on the island: one build sleeping place, Fire make, even with wet wood, the many possible uses of bamboo. Sascha learns all this on his first day with the expert.

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You learn more with two professionals

So far there are two videos online by Sascha. In the first he learns them basic steps upon arrival on the island. With the second, that becomes special fishing learned in theory and practice. The expert is particularly interested in catching with one spear a. But Sascha is also shown how to catch with a trap or a self-made fishing rod.

The practice is harder than it looks. While fishing with a fishing rod for Sascha a very relaxing moment is catching with the spear through refraction and other influences significantly more difficult.


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