Destiny 2: Lightfall – Strang, Neptune, Shadow Legion – all the details!

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In the past few weeks, many rumors have been swirling about what the Guardians of Destiny 2 can expect in the Lightfall adventure in February 2023 – and hardly any of it seems to be true. Sure, the Witness and Cabal Emperor Calus are working together, as we already saw in season 17. Otherwise, however, the light is apparently not being taken away from the guardians (for the time being) … or is it? Instead, they find a new one! Because in the new destination, Neptune’s capital Neomuna, you will find a place like no other in the previous Destiny universe.

Or rather… You get a glimpse of what Venus might have looked like once upon a time. Because the collapse that once abruptly ended the golden age in Destiny with the arrival of darkness, Neomuna apparently missed. A place with fierce cyberpunk vibes awaits you, neon lights, skyscraper canyons and an entire army, the Shadow Legion, created by the witness and Calus. Below we summarize the information that is available about Lightfall so far.

Neptune: Neomuna is calling

As already mentioned, the collapse on Neptune did not happen, and therefore a new destination awaits you from February 28, 2023, which you have never seen before. For years, Destiny veterans have romped around the mostly scrapped and derelict ruins of what humanity once created in our solar system. With Neomuna you can expect a city that looks like it was peeled from the egg and gives you a glimpse of what the Golden Age had to offer for both humans, Exo and Awoken. Why Neptune suddenly becomes accessible to us … who knows! But the scenes that could be seen from this new location in the trailer and in the Showcase live stream promise a colorful, action-packed adventure. This is also due to the new Darkness Focus…

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Strand: A new Darkness Focus

strand associated with green color, which was rumored to belong to a DoT focus called Vapor, revolves around “awareness, agility, environmental control, and enemy manipulation,” in the words of Bungie’s developers. The trailer doesn’t give any blatant details yet, but it gives you a glimpse of what’s to come. The warlock becomes an architect, able to weave the strand with the power of his mind into creatures that do his bidding. Hunters become a Spider-man of sorts as a threadwalker, reweaving the threads of the cord to swing from one place to the next. Literally! Titans become tyrants and truly form claws from the strand. We’ll have to wait and see how the new Supers and Melees, fragments and aspects can actually be used in the game.

The Witness and Calus: The Shadow Legion is attacking

Story-wise, Destiny moves into the penultimate chapter of the saga of light and darkness with Lightfall. After Calus merged with the Pyramid of the Moon, the Witness and his new apprentice formed the Shadow Legion from elements of the cabal, which are descending on Neomuna and our solar system. On the side of the Guardians, the so-called Curruli, superhuman heroes who form Neptune’s last line of defense, play a role in the struggle for light, darkness and the prevention of the apocalypse. On the side of our opponents there are of course just as powerful fighters with the tormentors who want to stop us.