Guardians were looking for a secret in the Kingsfall Raid in Destiny 1 – Destiny 2 finally brings it to you

Guardians were looking for a secret in the Kingsfall Raid in Destiny 1 - Destiny 2 finally brings it to you

With the return of the Kingsfall raid in Destiny 2, Bungie has also changed some locations in the raid. So a big mystery that caused a lot of discussion among the players 5 years ago finally made sense. MeinMMO tells you which sporting secret the guardians have now discovered in the raid and what it offers you.

Which secret is it? For many Destiny players, the Kingsfall raid provided a chance to step back in time. Bungie has visually revised the raid and knocked the dust off 5 years of Oryx’s shoulders, so to speak. And that’s probably why the mysterious “basketball room” in the raid finally made sense.

The space was once difficult to enter and the cause of much speculation.

  • In 2015, players pondered what Bungie might have hidden there and tried everything possible in the room.
  • As the speculation and hype surrounding the mysterious room continued, Bungie announced that there was simply nothing to discover, leaving the Guardians disappointed.

This is now different in the new Kingsfall raid: Bungie has probably not forgotten the enthusiasm of the Guardians at the time and their disappointment. And so, in 2022, the mysterious room finally got the secret that many keepers have always been looking for.

Now playing basketball in the raid is not only fun, but also has a purpose. However, you have to get a “little thing” beforehand if you want the reward.

What reward do you get? Whoever plays basketball in the 2022 Raid and completes the puzzle will receive the Wicked Touch Raid Exotic Catalyst.

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What does the Wicked Touch Catalyst do? Using the Catalyst adds the Quick Strike effect to the weapon.

The catch, however, is that you first need the weapon itself. Her drop is pure luck as always, although some players got her from the final boss “Oryx” already in the first week.

So if you’re already one of the lucky ones to own the Wicked Touch, you should definitely play a game of basketball. We tell you how the puzzle works.

How to get the Spiteful Touch Catalyst

First of all you have to gain access to the secret place in the Kingsfall Raid. To do this, equip the raid exotic “Vicious Touch” and then gradually find three secret plates that are hidden in the raid. Your goal is to activate the plates to get 4 relics each. These must then be collected by your team and brought to statues.

Once the first relic has been picked up, you have about 2 minutes to turn in all orbs. If you did everything correctly, the overlay “A statue is humming with dark energy” will appear on the left side of the screen.

So that you know where to go, we will name the three locations:

  • The first panel is behind Oryx’s courtyard on the left in a building. The 4 relics appear throughout the starting area.
  • You will find the second plate in the Labyrinth of Golgoroth. The plate is there in the secret chest room. When the room is open, a player again stands on the slab with Spiteful Touch equipped and spawns the 4 relics. The statue where you have to turn in the relics is in a pit just before you reach the last hallway.
  • The last plate is then at the big plate wall puzzle. There you have to stand on a series of slabs to spawn platforms. The basketball court tile you are looking for is here at the very end of the jump puzzle start. Once you have the 4 relics, all you have to do is take them to the statue to the right of the first door. (Golgoroth riddle entrance).
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In this video tutorial you can take a closer look at the paths:

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Here’s how to get the Malicious Touch Catalyst.

If all three statues have been successfully charged, you will have unlocked access to the basketball court in the Kingsfall Raid. Once there, the player with the Spiteful Touch equipped must then stand back on the plate.

This spawns 6 relics that you can now use to “shoot hoops”. Just play for a while until the catalyst drops.

Did you already know the riddle of the secret basketball court? Or was the Easter Egg completely new to you? And how is your luck? Has the malicious already touched you or are you still hoping for your loot luck? Write it to us in the comments.

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