Hard drive PC & PS5: Top Samsung SSD 1TB for less than 100 euros – cheaper than ever!

Buy the Samsung SSD 980 Pro 1TB with heatsink for PC and PS5 at the lowest price.

Buy an SSD and save money: Media Markt/Saturn lures you with one Top deal for two fast SSDs for PS5 and PC. The electronics retailer offers both the Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink PS5 1 TB as well as the WD Black SN850 at the lowest price on, so cheaper than ever. If you are looking for a fast SSD to expand the storage space of your gaming PC or PlayStation 5, you should definitely find what you are looking for here. Both “hard disk” models meet the requirements of the PlayStation 5.

the SSD Samsung 980 Pro Heatsink PS5 1TB is offered by Media Markt/Saturn on Ebay at the top price of 111.00 euros. The SSD, which was rated top by our PCGH colleagues, among others, has an integrated heat sink (heatsink), which ensures that the SSD with PCIe 4.0 interface can also develop its full performance in intensive gaming or work environments. An alternative to the Samsung SSD 980 Pro is the WD Black SN850 1TBwhich is available on Ebay for 119.00 euros – so the SSDs are even cheaper than the top deal at the beginning of August. Even more: You can even save another ten percent with a voucher!

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Promo code: Save another 10 percent with the PLAYER voucher

On the already attractive SSD deals You get an additional 10 percent discount with an Ebay voucher. With the Promo code PLAYER you save money on Ebay when buying a PC, monitor, PS5 games, switch console, tablet, laptop, gaming chair, graphics card such as the Geforce RTX 3090 and many other products for computer and video gamers. To save when buying the SSD offers from Media Markt/Saturn, you enter the Voucher field in the ordering process simply PLAYER a. The discount will then be deducted automatically. Note: The voucher can be redeemed twice per person. The maximum discount per person is 50 euros, there is no minimum order value. the 10% gaming voucher campaign on Ebay ends on 08/31/2022 at 11:59 p.m. The complete voucher conditions can be found at the end of the promotion page.

Buy a Samsung SSD: Mega deal for the 980 Pro – compatible with the PS5

Buy the Samsung SSD 980 Pro 1TB with heatsink for PC and PS5 at the lowest price.

Source: Samsung

the Samsung SSD 980 Pro could in Test by our colleagues from PCGH convince with a high performance. In the benchmark test, it achieves transfer rates of 6,493 MB/s reading and 4,496 MB/s writing. This means that the SSD “hard drive” with PCIe 4.0 comes pretty close to the maximum performance of 7,000 MB/s when writing and 5,000 MB/s when reading. The SSD in M.2 format from Samsung is one of the fastest SSDs currently on the market. The integrated heat sink (heatsink) ensures that the SSD works optimally even during intensive gaming sessions. In addition, it is perfectly suited for operation in the PS5. at Media Markt/Saturn on Ebay you can get the fast SSD for 111.00 euros. With the PLAYER voucher you save another 10 percent when you buy. Thus, the SSD costs 99.90 euros. The Samsung SSD has never been so cheap.

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WD Black SN850: Super SSD at a top price – cheaper than ever!

Buy the WD Black SSD 1 TB with heat sink for PC and PS5 cheaper than ever!

Buy the WD Black SSD 1 TB with heat sink for PC and PS5 cheaper than ever!

Source: WD

A great alternative to Samsung SSD 980 Pro is Western Digital’s SN850 SSD M.2 NVMe. MediaMarkt/Saturn offers the WD Black SN850 on Ebay with 1TB at the best price Well, you can’t get them cheaper anywhere at the moment. Here, too, Media Markt delivers free of charge. The quality of the WD Black SSD, which is also compatible with the PS5 and equipped with a heat sink, is beyond any doubt. in the PCGH test the measured read and write accesses were even faster than with the Samsung SSD. It is therefore at least as suitable for use in gaming PCs, work computers or Playstation 5. The top SSD currently costs 119.00 euros. With the promo code PLAYER you only pay 107.10 euros. Of the price comparison shows: The Media Markt offer on Ebay is the best deal.

Next to the Samsung SSD and WD Black SSD for PC & PS5 available at MediaMarkt and Saturn regular top offers with greatly reduced prices for everyone who wants to buy a TV, notebook, monitor, mouse, keyboard, motherboard, SSD, graphics card, gaming chair, headphones, smartphone, tablet, game console, games or household appliances. Check out our Daily Deals too!