Logitech: First images of the cloud handheld surfaced

Logitech (Unternehmen) von Logitech Europe S.A.

After the imageless announcement of a new handheld based on cloud technology, which is the result of a cooperation between Tencent and Logitech, the appropriate images finally follow thanks to a leak.

The Steam Deck is going through the roof in terms of sales, and the Nintendo Switch can hardly save itself from interested buyers. So it’s little wonder that the hardware specialists from Logitech are also working on such a device. It’s slated to hit store shelves later this year, but relies on the cloud to run games.

Logitech G with first pictures

For this reason, the handheld named Logitech G does not have to have expensive innards, unlike the Steam Deck, the price should also be significantly cheaper for this reason. While Tencent takes care of the software, Logitech takes care of the plastic-laden rest.

The first pictures show the device, which looks a bit like an oversized Switch Lite. An exact start date and a price are not yet known, and Logitech has not yet announced which cloud services, such as Nvidia GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud Gaming, are supported. However, symbols for Steam, Xbox and Google Play can already be seen on the images of the user interface.

In addition, the exact technical data is missing, whether an OLED display is used cannot be judged on the basis of the first screenshots. Otherwise you see what is expected of a handheld, no more, no less. Two analog sticks, four face buttons and two shoulder buttons on each side. Due to the cloud approach, a drive does not have to find a place.

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