Mass gathering of MontanaBlack fans leads to violence at gamescom – that’s what the organizers say

Mass gathering of MontanaBlack fans leads to violence at gamescom - that's what the organizers say

gamescom is traditionally an event for discovering new games. In 2022, however, streamers and influencers in particular were the focus of attention, and not only in a positive way. There is currently a big discussion about the famous Twitch streamer Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris.

gamescom 2022 made waves with news, scandals and problems relating to twitch streamers:

But there is now a big discussion about the famous “Monte”. More precisely: about his fans who wanted to meet him at gamescom. Because they caused a lot of unrest.

What did the community do? Streamer GameGecki shared on twitter a summary of his experiences at gamescom. According to him, MontanaBlack fans caused several incidents:

  • Violence against homosexual couples
  • ruthlessly shoving and chasing people queuing for games
  • Jumping around on cars on display
  • Climbing over barriers
  • the security forces would not have prevented all this, but only protected MontanaBlack itself

GameGecki asked for his money back from the Kölnmesse for the last day because it was no longer possible to test anything at all. As soon as he heard the mass of fans who announced themselves with loud “Monte” calls, he fled.

The tweet went viral in no time. The well-known German streamer Gnu confirmed in one tweetthat there was violence. Her colleague was thrown to the ground and two security staff were injured.

The head of gamescom himself, Christian Baur, also spoke up and explained that there was no room for violence at gamescom:

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“We take the incidents very seriously”

What the organizers say: MeinMMO directly asked for a statement at gamescom.

It is particularly important to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable at gamescom. Therefore, we take the incidents surrounding MontanaBlack’s gamescom visit and all other incidents reported to us very seriously and will analyze them closely. Inconsiderate behaviour, intolerance and violence have no place at gamescom.

The organizers in the statement to MeinMMO

The head of marketing and communications at Xbox in Germany, Maxi Gräff, noticed one thing tweet already announced that she does not want to go to a gamescom like 2022 next year.

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After the incident, several gamescom employees emphasized that they wanted to take a closer look at the situation. We will keep you informed as soon as we know whether and which measures will be taken next year.

The development is a pity above all because the fair had a lot to offer from the point of view of games and performances:

gamescom 2022 was much better for me than everyone feared

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