Original iPhone is auctioned for $35,000


Would you have thought that the original iPhones were still in their original packaging? Such an iPhone 2G from 2007 has now changed hands at an auction. It was auctioned for a multiple of the original price.

One of the first iPhones ever made was recently sold at auction. The iPhone 2G, model number A1203, still in its original plastic-sealed packaging, scored at RR Auction a price of $35,000. For comparison: At the start of sales in 2007, the Apple smartphone cost 599 US dollars with this memory configuration (8 GB).

The missing iTunes icon indicates a particularly early copy

The auction photos show that it must be an iPhone from the very first production batch. If you count the icons shown on the home screen, you only come up with twelve. The icon for the iTunes Store is still missing here. This was only added later in the year, since Apple only launched the store with the release of iPhone OS 1.1 in September 2007. The packaging design of the first iPhone was then adjusted accordingly and the iTunes icon was added.

The iPhone 2G wasn’t the first smartphone, but it was radically different

When Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone on January 9, 2007, hardly anyone believed in the success of the device. The iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone either – in the last quarter of 2006 22 million copies were already sold, among others by Nokia, BlackBerry manufacturer RIM, Motorola, Palm and Sony Ericsson. However, the iPhone not only came with a radically new design, but was also supposed to impress with an innovative operating concept.

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Everything should work simply and intuitively with a swipe on the touchscreen. For Apple, the iPhone 2G was a resounding success, even if it would take some time for the manufacturer to achieve the market dominance it has today. Although it was only produced for a year, the first iPhone is still considered a milestone in terms of technology.