Pokémon Go: Why unfriending can cost you a lot of XP

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from Sarah Petzold
Under certain circumstances, deleting a best friend from your friends list in Pokémon Go can have unpleasant consequences. We will now explain why this is the case and what you should consider when unfriending.

If you want to level up your own character and collect experience points in Pokémon Go, you can do this not only by catching and developing Pokémon, but also by maintaining friendships in the game. Because if you manage to make a friend your best friend by sending and receiving gifts from each other, you will receive a whopping 100,000 experience points. However, there is a catch – and it can have unpleasant consequences.

XP rule for Best Friends is causing frustration in the PoGO community

Because, as the reddit user NoadBesk reports in a post in the Pokémon Go subreddit, it happens that players do not receive these experience points at all if the other player immediately dissolves the friendship after achieving the status “Best Friend”:

To the background: Many players unfriend a friend once they reach Best Friend status to free up space on the friends list and replay the game for the 100,000 experience points. However, if this happens too quickly, the other player will no longer be able to collect their reward for reaching Best Friend status because the friendship no longer exists.

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Anyway, the community’s frustration with this issue seems to be quite high, judging by the various comments below NoadBesk’s reddit post. Here are a few fans who are frustrated with the behavior of other players and the loss of large amounts of experience points. Among other things, they demand that Niantic improve this and introduce a way for both parties in a friendship to receive the XP for reaching the highest friend level. Until then, the only thing that will help is the appeal to the community: Don’t delete your friends from the list as soon as they become your best friends, so that they too can collect their experience points.

Source | reddit (via Dexerto)