Steam Deck: Valve is planning further versions of the handheld hybrid

Steam Deck (Hardware) von Valve Software

Apparently, manufacturer Valve is already planning to release more versions of its Steam Deck in the future. After all the hype surrounding handheld hybrids, this is less surprising.

Valve is currently not even able to keep up with processing the pre-orders for the Steam Deck that are already in progress. The demand is so great that interested parties have to wait several weeks for their consoles to be delivered, despite reservations.

Steam Deck: Valve wants to stretch the product line over several generations

In the in-house brochure of the manufacturer, in which the advantages of the Steam Deck and its functions are discussed in more detail, people are already talking about the future of portable PC gaming. It says: “Steam Deck is the first representative of a new category of Steam handheld gaming PCs. In the future, Valve will bring improvements and iterations to the hardware and software to this product and release new versions of Steam Deck”.

In addition, the Steam Deck is described in the booklet as a “multi-generational product line”. Valve would like to continue supporting both the console itself and its own operating system in the future. So we can be sure that the support will not break off, at least in the coming years.

Latest updated video: Introducing Deck Verified

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