Twitch: Pokimane Returns After Time Out, What’s Behind It?

Twitch Pokimane

Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers in the world. But the young woman has been quiet for the past few months. She got one Time out for an indefinite period taken.

Now, to the delight of her fans, she has announced on Twitter that she wants to start streaming again. When she starts again and what was behind the breakwe will tell you in this post.

Pokimane: “I need a mental reset”

With emotional words Imane Anys, aka Pokimane, is targeting her fans in mid-July. She needs a break from streaming to take care of her life outside of Twitter and take care of social media.

“I feel like I need a mental reset and some time to focus on myself and my life offline. I find that breaks are essential to health/career longevity and I’m so grateful for the support you’ve all shown me over the years.”

Since then it has not only been very quiet on the young streamer’s Twitch channel. On too Twitter and Instagram came little content.

Pokimane is known for it a lot open and thoughtful deal with their mental health. She already has one taken a longer breakwhen she wasn’t feeling well.

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Pokimane takes off again

With the announcement on Twitter, her fans are huge fell a stone from the heart. Your idol starts streaming again.

She announced the start after her break for the September 1, 2022. What exactly she will do in her first stream is not known. Maybe she’ll tell you something about what she did while she was offline.

What a downtime or a vacation Fabian Siegismund has broken down very impressively in a video what can mean for a full-time streamer. He shows that too Break yourself for mental stress can be. If you are interested, please read it our article about it through.

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