ANNO 2070: Servers will not be switched off

ANNO 2070: Servers will not be switched off

Ubisoft wanted to switch off the online functions of many older games from September (we reported). The construction game ANNO 2070 (from 7.99 at buy) be affected. Shortly after the announcement, the developers at Ubisoft Mainz announced that they wanted to keep the server functions – apparently with success.

Anno 2070 will remain online permanently

While the server shutdown for the other 14 games will be carried out on October 1st, a month later than planned, fans of Anno 2070 can breathe deeply. The developers of Ubisoft Mainz have loud an official notification been working on updating and possibly replacing the legacy online functions in the last few months. And with success.

According to the developers, this means that all functions of Anno 2070 will be retained beyond the planned shutdown. Both the online world events in single player and the full multiplayer options will remain available after installing the update.

In addition, Anno 2070 should be more performant. Switching to 64bit will allow the game to use more memory. The necessary update will be rolled out on September 6 at 6 a.m., and according to Ubisoft Mainz, the associated maintenance work will take up to 24 hours.

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