11 Warner Bros. characters MultiVersus needs to seriously rival Smash Bros Dexerto

MultiVersus truly is the biggest threat to the Smash Bros. crown and we’ve highlighted a few characters we think could be game changers in the world of MultiVersus.

When the Smash Ultimate content finally ended with the release of Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as the latest DLC character, MultiVersus emerged as a true competitor and rival to the long-running franchise.

Unlike Smash’s roster, which is usually restricted to characters from Nintendo franchises and guest appearances from other popular series, MultiVersus is throwing in Hollywood-level names from various franchises, from Rick and Morty to the iconic DC Universe.

However, there are some potential characters that Warner Bros. should seriously consider adding to really make the game. play Smash Ultimate’s roster of rivals, especially with rumors that MultiVersus could expand their roster to hundreds.

Here are 11 fighters that we think would be perfect for MultiVersus.

Neo stops bulletsWarner Bros

Wow Neo would be sick in MultiVersus.


Getting Keanu Reeves in a fighting game would be just awesome. No kidding, Matrix The franchise could be a great addition to a fighting game, and who better than Neo?

His martial arts combat, weapons (lots of weapons), and maybe even slow-motion powers could be great for the game. Not to mention the fact that he is Keanu Reeves. What else do you want?

Harry Potter could be a magical addition.

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived was actually rumored to be included in the game based on the original leaks, but he didn’t appear in the Hungrybox screenshots, so there seems to be some question as to whether it’s confirmed yet.

As such, we are including Harry Potter on this list. Look, Gandalf was also leaked (and shown) and it would be absolutely sickening to see wizarding worlds collide in an epic confrontation.

For a setting, it has to be Hogwarts. Yes, licensing can be a hassle, but if WB can make it happen, Harry Potter needs to appear in MultiVersus; plus, it would fit nicely with Hogwarts Legacy!

Warner Bros

MultiVersus could use a deadly prank.

the Joker

It’s crazy to think that Harley Quinn is in the MultiVersus, but The Joker isn’t. We already know that WB is willing to spend the money to get Kevin Conroy to voice Batman, so how about we also bring back Mark Hamill as The Joker?

There are already plenty of attacks he can pull off, as seen in Injustice and other games, so there’s no question he’d work as a fighter.

Arkham Asylum would also be a great setting for him and a nice throwback to the original game in the Arkham series.

Could Mortal Kombat work in MultiVersus?


Getting into video game characters now, Sub-Zero or Scorpion (or both) could be solid additions to give MultiVersus a bit more oomph to their already impressive roster power.

Just as Smash incorporated movesets for Ryu, Terry Bogard, and Kazuya, MultiVersus should do the same for Sub-Zero or Scorpion.

Unfortunately, fatalities may be off the table with this one… at least in the traditional sense. But hey, we can dream.

Shelob in LOTRWarner Bros

There are so many LOTR candidates to choose from.


Of all the characters in LOTR, you’re probably thinking: why Shelob? The answer: a transformation. As we saw in the Middle Earth: Shadow of War game, Warner Bros made Shelob take human form.

Having her switch between the two could be a fun gameplay mechanic, similar to Pyra and Mythra in Smash Ultimate.

bane looking at batman in arkham city


Little explanation is needed here, we’re not talking about Tom Hardy’s interpretation of the monster, although his version was exceptional, we want the giant rampaging and confused with the Titan formula.

MultiVersus is lacking in any sizable figures so far, aside from The Iron Giant of course, and we think Bane is a perfect fit for MultiVersus.

freddy krueger smiling in nightmare on elm street

Freddy Krueger

If you want someone who could be a real nightmare against, then step up Freddy Krueger.

Aside from his razor-sharp claws and sharp wits, Freddy is also capable of dealing considerable damage on Elm Street.

jason voorhees in friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees

To continue this killer theme, why not throw Jason into the mix? Especially since we’re finally getting the Freddy vs Jason rematch we never got!

Jason Voorhees, an equally disturbing horror icon with a troubled past, is the killer of Camp Crystal Lake and would make a fabulous Tank character.

Adding the Friday the 13th universe would give the game a bit more gravitas and show how versatile Warner Bros. is willing to be with it.

daffy duck posing in front of a mirror

Lucas Duck

Bugs Bunny is always on everyone’s mind when they think of Looney Tunes, which is fair enough, but it’s time to give Daffy Duck the credit he deserves as a brave little duck.

He usually plays in the background after the iconic rabbit, but Daffy has more than defended himself as history has shown us and his comedic timing and character show that he’s always ready to throw away.

He may have a lisp, but even greater MultiVersus potential is the fate of this beloved duck.

funky dick and muttley laughing at crazy races

funky dick & muttley

Wacky Races is one of those wacky cartoons that was incredibly easy to watch as a kid and featured a plethora of characters that got you excited, even at that age.

But you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn’t in love with the ridiculous duo who went to great lengths to stop a pigeon.

Between the Mean Machine and a host of other gadgets, Dastardly & Muttley would make a great duo for MultiVersus, and Tom & Jerry have already proven the concept works.

pennywise the clown in you


See, everyone looks friendlier and cuter in cartoon form, even Pennywise… right?

Regardless, iconic characters making their way into a game have proven to be a hugely successful marketing strategy for games in recent years, and adding IT’s infamous clown would be an exceptional deal.

Players could fight in a sewer, the level music would be creepy and cool, and the idea of ​​Pennywise creepily taking down any number of fighters is just too unbelievable not to happen.

There’s no indication of how many characters Warner Bros plans to add to MultiVersus, but if it’s going to compete with Smash Ultimate’s roster, it has a long way to go. Hopefully the team can deliver and really leave us as shaken as we were by some of the Smash reveals.

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