Aliens: Fireteam Elite – New Pathogen DLC brings you the first boss fight of the co-op shooter

Im neuen Pathogen-DLC für Aliens: Fireteam Elite könnt ihr auf eine Alien-Königin als Boss treffen.

the gamescom Opening Night Live offered gaming fans a wealth of new video game news and trailers. A special highlight was a detailed look at the Pathogen DLC for Aliens: Fireteam Elite. This one has been since August 30, 2022 live and adds the very first boss fight added. We’ll tell you what else the Marines can expect.

The Ultimate Boss: An Alien Queen

In Aliens: Fireteam Elite, players assume the role of a Colonial Marine and choose from a variety of classes, perks, gear and weapons to complete quests and survive against unrelenting waves of Xenomorphs. The new Pathogen DLC expands on that foundation, as the community has been calling for more and the developers of ColdIron Studios have heard the cry for more content:

“You asked for new missions. You asked for new opponents. You wanted an opportunity to meet a queen. Well, be careful what you wish for, Marines.”.

The Pathogen DLC will be a completely new campaign introduce a series that explores the effects of a mysterious black goo on local and extraterrestrial life. the Xenomorphs came into contact with it and mutate. It is up to the Colonial Marines to handle the situation, which is a confrontation with a angry alien queen includes. This is also shown in the accompanying trailer:

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This is also what you can expect in the Pathogen DLC

Next to the first boss fight In addition to playing with an alien queen, the new DLC also includes two new kit skins, four new head accessories, nine new weapon colors, four new weapon decals and four new emotes to communicate with your teammates.

By completing the new story campaign, players can also unlock four more new weapons, seven new perks, and one more weapon decor. You can see the full list in the patch notes read of the game.

Free hardcore mode for Aliens: Fireteam Elite

For those who didn’t buy Pathogen, there’s still cause for celebration. There is an additional free update for the game which one new game mode inserts The new hardcore mode brings the so-called permadeath and different levels of difficulty. There are also four new weapons in the arsenal, along with different attachments and looks.

“For the toughest Marines looking for a real challenge, Hardcore mode represents the most risky gameplay yet. Hardcore mode allows players to start out with new characters and play on the difficulty of their choice, but be warned: this mode means the death game over. However, over the course of Hardcore mode, all unlockable items in Park’s Armory will become available after your character is subjected to permadeath.”

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is for personal computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S available.

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