Awesome bundle at MediaMarkt – Only 20 euros for controllers

MediaMarkt logo next to The Last Of Us Part 1 and two DualSense controllers.

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Of: Noah Struthoff

At MediaMarkt there is currently a blatant deal about the DualSense controller of the PS5. In a bundle you only have to pay 20 euros for the controller.

Hamburg – At MediaMarkt you can currently take advantage of a particularly strong deal. So you get the Sony PS5 DualSense controller as an extra for a top game for just 20 euros! Normally you have to pay well over 60 euros for the controller. We’ll show you the blatant deal in detail and tell you how much money you can actually save here.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: DualSense controller with The Last of Us in a mega bundle – strike fast

Here’s the deal: At MediaMarkt you can currently buy the DualSense Controller together with the new game The Last Of Us Part 1. The game will be released on September 2nd and costs a whopping 79.99 euros everywhere. If you put this game in the shopping cart at MediaMarkt and then add the DualSense controller in white or black, it only costs 99.99 euros plus shipping at the checkout. So you only pay 20 euros for the DualSense controller. Here you can find the three products at MediaMarkt:

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This is important: You can ONLY buy the controllers in connection with The Last Of Us Part 1. In addition, the whole thing only works with the white and black controller. Don’t be surprised if you put both products in the shopping cart at full price. Only there will a proud 48.98 euros be deducted from the total price and you only pay 99.99 euros for the game and the controller.

How good is the offer really? The deal is extremely strong. The game costs 79.99 euros everywhere, since it will not be released until September 2nd. So if you want to have the game anyway, you have to tie those 79.99 euros to your leg. In this deal you can still dust off a controller, which normally costs 67.99 euros, for just 20 euros. That’s over 70% savings. The DualSense controller has never been so cheap. Even on eBay, used controllers are traded for more money. So you can do the Mega Snap here.

Buy PS5: DualSense controller in a game bundle for only 20 euros – grab it now. © MediaMarkt/Sony (montage)

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You should not miss that: In addition to this deal at MediaMarkt, you can also save a lot of money elsewhere. Amazon currently has various video games, hardware and more at great prices. The best deals are here:

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If you are still looking for the PS5, then you should check out our live ticker about buying the PS5. There you will not miss a drop in Germany.

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