Cosplay of the horror nurse from Silent Hill is in a killer mood

A current cosplay of Ciri from The Witcher 3 makes you want to roleplay.

Speculations about a possible sequel are only as numerous for a few titles as for the Horror game Silent Hill. The last part was more than ten years ago and the last attempt to produce another part was scrapped. Rumors are currently circulating that an announcement on this topic could follow soon. There was already in advance some leaks that have a high credibility. However, the exact future of the brand remains uncertain and official information remains scarce. So it’s all the better that the fan community continues to publish cosplays. Like this horror nurse who seems to be in a good mood.

Horror nurse from Silent Hill is in a killer mood

The Reddit user named ShapeshiftaerCos posted a picture of her cosplay of a nurse from SILent Hill on the platform. She did so well with the costume that at first glance you might think it’s a screenshot from the game. Starting with the faded nurse uniform, which has apparently already grown into the body. But the disfigured face wrapped in bandages and the strange posture also make for one enormously convincing cosplaywhich will certainly give some people nightmares.

What’s up with the nurses?

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The nurses are one Enemy type in Silent Hill, which appear in several parts of the series. Together with the pyramid head, they are among the most famous monsters in the series. They are very sensitive to light and shuffle through the empty hospital corridors much like zombies. While some use metal pipes or knives to kill, there are also nurses who strangle their victims with their bare hands.