Free Games Announced for September 2022 – These games are subscription based

The character from TOEM next to the PS Plus logo

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Of: Janik Boeck

PS Plus: TOEM is part of the free games in September 2022 © Sony / Somethin We Made (Montage)

PS Plus will again offer subscribers free games in September 2022. These are Sony’s free PS4 and PS5 games for your console.

San Mateo, California – Sony continues to delight fans every month with fresh subscription content for PS4 and PS5. The free games in PS Plus are sometimes more, sometimes less well received. Now the free games for PS Plus have been announced in September 2022. Fans hoping for real blockbusters might be disappointed. reveals the three new free games for PS Plus in September 2022.

The leak about the PS Plus free games for September 2022 has come true. In the first autumn month of the year, three games await the fans, which couldn’t be more different.

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