Games Aktuell Podcast 731: Review of the Gamescom drivers

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The Gamescom drivers are back and with Matthias, Toni and David three of them have come together in the Games Aktuell podcast to talk about their experiences at the fair. This is how Toni, who was traveling to a trade fair for work for the first time, reports on her impressions. We also talk about how it felt to be back at Gamescom after such a long break. Of course, it’s also about the games that we watched on site. We report on our highlights and surprises. David raves about A Plague Tale: Requiem and Goat Simulator 3. Toni reports on Pentiment and Miasma Chronicles. Matthias felt transported back to his youth with dates for Tempest Rising, Jagged Alliance 3 and Homeworld 3. Otherwise, we also give one or the other anecdote for the best. From double-story hotel rooms to ways to scrounge food to unfinished game demos, it’s all here. The whole thing will be rounded off at the end, as always, with your great community contributions.

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